About Us

EMBRACE GRACE INTERNATIONAL SALVATION EMBASSY(EGISE) Inc. knowing God and fulfill destiny. A ministry with diversity of operation as Apostolic movement for restoration of humanity to God nature and fulfillment of human destiny. grace for the salvation of mankind worldwide.

Our Vision

To proclaim the words of repentance through grace for the salvation of mankind worldwide.

Our Mission

1. Disciple men/women from all churches for the end time revival
and break church barrier for the unit of the body of Christ

2. Promoting the wellbeing of humanity through charity endeavors’ globally.

3. Sending fort missionaries to all nations of the earth and into all work of life for the restoration of humanity

4. Training the saint to take hold of their inheritance In Christ and exploit in life

5. Spreading the value of the gospel through establishment of education system at all level



APOSTLE MARK ABOGONYE PAUL Is well known as Brother Mark A.P the Senior Pastor of EGISE, unique teacher of God's word and highly anointed. He got converted August 1998 in living Faith Church Otukpo Benue State, Nigeria. Under the ministering of Pastor Timothy Oyedele. He went through living Faith Church Believers foundation and disciple class and was baptized on the 23/9/ 2003.


On the 7/4/2002 Jesus appear to him in the vision by 5:00 am and tell him to "Go Tell People To Repent For Coming Of The Lord Is Soon". Immediately he started moving from place to place preaching repentance, at this junction the lord told him to go for more knowledge in the area of his calling. In 29/5/2005 he attended Word Of Faith Institute in Otukpo Benue State. In 2007 August he went to further his study in living Faith Church Word of faith Bible institute Lagos.

In 2010 when he was preparing for his marriage God told him to move from the town he live to the village and the flocks he has been reaching out to. So he moved to a village with 13 compound called OLGENTONU Agatu Benue State, and live with his wife MARY FAVOR MARK. God lead him to start youth alive and told him to rise end time army. God reminded him about the name and logo of the ministry 17/4/2003 (grace international) it was during registration the name Embrace Grace International salvation Embassy went through.